Farm Services

Dairy Supply Specialist


Roger Lowery & Brian Stewart have 20 plus years of dairy supply experience. They have you covered on all your dairy and feed supply needs. Servicing most areas in the Southeast. (LA, MS, AL, GA)



Dr. Jim Tomlinson, PhD has 40 years of animal nutrition experience. He received his Bachelor and Masters Degree from Virgina Tech and his PhD from The University of Kentucky. 



Dr. Mike McCormick, PhD has 37 years of animal nutrition and agronomy experience. He received his BS Degree from Mississippie State, his MS Degree from LSU and his PHD from Virginia Tech. Call us today to set up a farm call with Dr. McCormick.

Soil Fertilization Program


We will come to your farm and take soil samples. Then we will send the samples to Waypoint Analytical Services. With the purchase of bulk fertilizer from Kentwood Co-op, your soil sampling fees will be credited to your account.